Complaints and reviews

  •  five star rating 32.68%
  •  four star rating 14.71%
  •  five star rating 12.09%
  •  five star rating 26.47%
  •  five star rating 14.05%

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Good Points

  • Block unwanted contacts
  • High privacy settings
  • See who's viewed you
  • Webcam/Instant Messaging Facilities

Bad Points

  • No compatibility tests available
  • Not suitable for those seeking a committed relationship
  • Possible offensive photographs to some

Passion.com Review

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  • Advanced Search

  • Block Unwanted Contact

  • Compatibility Test

  • Daily Suggestions

  • Email Alerts

  • Friend Suggestion

  • General Search

  • Highlight Profile

  • Read Emails

  • See Who's Online

  • Select Relationship Type

  • Send Emails

  • Show Interest

  • Unlimited Profile Access

  • Upload Photos

  • Who's Interested in You

  • Who's Viewed You


like new web search feature.....